The Neighborhood Guy

Who is The Neighborhood Guy?

My name is Stephen Puibello, originally from Cliffside Park, NJ I relocated
to Boston in 1986. In Boston I worked as Unclaimed Funds Analyst at Pioneer Mutual Funds, Office Manager for USP Inc and also as Operations Manager at Channel 1 Internet. In addition I write freelance, as the "Neighborhood Guy" for Digital City Boston. In 1992 I started Friends and Neighbors of the Back Bay NAG an online neighborhood community think tank.

I've appeared on Channel 7 News regarding the rodent problem in the Back Bay.

I was contacted and assisted ABC PrimeTime in 1998 regarding a news segment on Boston's Rodent Problem.

I've been interviewed on Neighborhood Network News, Cable TV
I've been featured on the Cover of the South End News October 16, 1997 "Hey Buddy Where's My Trash Can" Neighborhood NAG Demands and Gets Higher Level of City Services!

I have been featured as well as written numerous letters to the Editors of
the Boston TAB, Globe Magazine, Globe City Weekly

I'm available to speak about Neighborhood Action Group (NAG) Tactics as I'm 100% committed in helping all of our neighborhood groups get the city
services they deserve. Please email me at to schedule.

Current Projects:

  • Lobbying Director Steve Crosby of Animal Control & the City's MIS Director to place dog licensing forms & related forms on the city's web site. My goal is to have all dogs registered so that the demographics from these statisics could help secure litter baskets in the neighborhoods, as dog feces not only is messy, but is a public health hazard.
  • History in the makes. Visit the new Animal Control page, Spring 98 page.
  • Lobbying City Councilors and Neighborhood Services along with Department Heads and Commissioners to place more litter baskets on all major streets in Districts 1,2,7,8 & 9 (heavily populated districts). Take a walk into Cambridge and notice Central Square...litter baskets with tops at least 50 of them!!!
  • Lobbying Neighborhood Services to enforce city ordinance 23.6 on Rummaging, as not only is this noisy at 5AM in the morning, but also is a major health hazard for districts 2 & 8 as the strewn trash attracts rats. Also, advise folks to seperate nickle deposit items into clear bags as a way to stop the rummaging as well as make it less degrading for those who rummage.

If you have a problem in your neighborhood, email: - helping each other is the key
Reprinted with permission from Digital City Boston