Back Bay NAG
Neighborhood Action Group
A Community Think Tank

Founded in 1992
obbies Boston City Hall for YOUR Neighborhood

As a community think tank, we analyze existing programs that are in the public eye, research what other cities are doing to fix their problems, solicit community feedback, then share our findings so that friends and neighbors can discuss, build upon, and hopefully incorporate these new ideas back into Boston's neighborhoods.

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Who is the Back Bay NAG?
Who is Steve Puibello?

Back Bay NAG Articles:
*Millennium II Project
*Litter Baskets
*Tough Questions For The Mayor
*Boston's Rodent Problem
*Street Sweeping

*Dog Fight
*City Hall's Web Developers
*Beacon Hill Fire
*Cleaner Streets

*Quarterly Budget Process
Makes Good Sense

"I must say, of all the neighborhood groups and individuals I have had contact with this first year on the job, the Back Bay NAG, has to be the most effective one man operation, to rectify a major problem practically single handed."
James Cahill, Director Code Enforcement City of Boston

"Instrumental and effective, Steve Puibello and the Back Bay NAG have proved to have the pulse of the city on the quality of life issues that effect us all."
Boston City Councillor Maureen E. Feeney Chair,
Committee on Government Operations

"Thank you for visiting our site, we now ask you to help us lobby for change in all our neighborhoods. Our goal is to collect emails regarding all our neighborhood concerns. With these emails we will be able to hold our elected officials accountable for the city services we deserve. Please come back as often as you wish, and please invite all your online friends and neighbors to do the same."   - Stephen Puibello.

If you have a problem in your neighborhood, email: