Back Bay Nag Letters

The following letters are ones which the Back Bay Nag has written to various city and state representatives and other individuals over the years.

All of the content is copyrighted from the letter date onward by Stephen Puibello

However, you are welcome to copy portions of these letters for your own use in contacting your public officials. Republication or retransmission of these letters without written permission from Stephen Puibello is prohibited.

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183-185 Massachusetts Avenue Proposed Development01-21-2000
1996 Year in Review & Happy Rat Free New Year12-25-1996
Access Boston - Bicycle Community Representation01-07-2000
Access Boston 2000 - 2010, Congestion on our Streets11-22-1999
Access Boston 2000-2010 Work In Progress12-13-1999
Air-Rights Development, Letter to Editor, Boston Globe11-15-1999
Animal Control Forms Onto City Web Page02-21-1998
Bicycle Access in the City of Boston01-06-2000
Bicycle Racks in the City of Boston02-04-2000
Bill S. 1613 Transfer of Parkland on the Charles River to Private Use04-20-2001
Boston 400 - BRA Planning Project07-19-1999
Boston bottle bill vs National .10 cent bottle bill (proposed)02-21-1997
Boston\'s Pilot Programs, how many exist, how many are actual studies 12-03-2001
City Budget Process - Letter to the Editor - Boston Tab08-14-1999
City Hall Plaza - Letter to the Editor Beacon Hill Back Bay Chronicle12-21-1999
Civic Vision For The Turnpike Air-Rights in Boston01-27-2000
Code Enforcement Mechanisms for Collection of Fines03-16-2000
Countdown Signal Devices05-16-2000
Countdown Signal Devices-Pedestrian Safety04-11-2000
Countdown Traffic Signal Devices02-04-2000
Crosswalks - Mayors Office of Neighborhood Services03-07-1998
Crosswalks at intersection of Massachusetts Avenue & Marlborough Street08-14-1999
Dogs - Animal Control Questions About Budget10-26-1997
Fenway Megaplex - Air-Rights....Letter to Mayor Menino08-09-2000
Handicap Parking Spaces for HIV/AIDS persons who are disabled01-31-2001
Improper Storage of Household Trash09-24-1997
Inclusionary Zoning01-22-2000
Leash Law - M.D.C. Park System (Esplanade)05-25-2000
Leash Law Upheld in MDC Park Commissioner David B. Balfour Jr.06-22-2000
Leash Laws - M.D.C. Park System (Esplanade)05-24-2000
Litter Basket Abuse - Marlboro Market02-11-2000
Litter Basket Abuse with HouseHold Trash02-17-2000
Litter Baskets Overflowing On Newbury Street09-20-1997
Litter Baskets - City Employee Dumps Trash02-05-2000
Litter Baskets - Code Enforcement Hearing03-23-2000
Litter Baskets - Lack of Action being taken by the City02-27-2000
Litter Baskets - Request for Signage $1000.00 Fine08-07-2000
Litter Baskets, Request for added enforcement02-24-2000
M.B.T.A. T Pass Re-sell Program, Marlboro Market03-13-2000
M.B.T.A. T Pass Re-Sell Program (Marlboro Market)02-04-2000
M.B.T.A. T Pass Re-Sell Program (Marlboro Market)12-20-1999
M.B.T.A. T Pass Re-Sell Program (Marlboro Market)01-10-2000
M.B.T.A. T Pass Re-Sell Program (Marlboro Market)03-03-2000
Mayors Office of Neighborhood Services08-04-1997
Mayors Office of Neighborhood Services08-06-1999
Muddy River Clean Up11-18-2000
NYC Department of Public Health - Human Waste - Police Take Notice07-10-2002
NYC MetroCard Rebate Program, suggested to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg05-09-2002
NewsRacks City Ordinance 16-3809-24-1999
Newsracks - Mayors Office of Neighborhood Services02-21-1998
Newsracks - Director James Cahill Code Enforcement08-07-2000
Newsracks Ordinance 16-38 Letter to the Mayor10-08-1999
Newsracks Ordinance 16-38 Letter to the Mayor09-21-1999
Newsracks and Signage on Litter Baskets09-08-2000
Open Space - Creation of Baxter and Eliot State Park01-27-2000
Open Space - Environment Department Capital Budget12-21-1999
Open Space - Land Use Development02-03-2000
Placement of 30MPH Speed Limit Signs on Commonwealth Avenue Mall05-16-2000
Placement of Speed Signs on Mall - Letter to Mayor Menino10-12-2000
Provincetown, MA Letter of Inquiry07-17-2001
Public Safety -Speed Limit, Traffic Congestion, Restore Pedestrian Safety08-07-2000
Public Alley 908 resurfaced and Trash Collection Times Changed03-28-2001
Public Safety - Speeding Cars - Almost Run Down05-03-2000
Public Safety - Speeding Cars in Neighborhood Streets05-07-2000
Public Safety - Speed Limit Reduction and Placement of Signs05-16-2000
Public Safety CR 27 Palidsade Avenue Five days later another accident05-23-2002
Public Safety CR27 Palisade Avenue, Another Accident Day Ave. Intersection07-08-2002
Public Safety Metropolitan District Commission05-01-2000
Public Safety Metropolitan District Commission08-21-2000
Public Safety Speed Limit Reduced from 30 MPH to 25 MPH05-08-2000
Public Safety Speed Limit Reduced to 25 MPH06-01-2000
Public Safety - 2 accidents in one week, Commonwealth Avenue Mall08-12-2000
Public Safety - M.D.C. fails to keep promise. Follow-Up Letter02-01-2001
Public Safety - MDC - Crosswalk on Mass Avenue Bridge10-15-2000
Public Safety - THANK YOU for the Installation of Speed Limit Signs10-30-2000
Public Safety - THANK YOU to Area D-4 Police for continued Speed Traps02-05-2001
Public Safety / School Zone - Bergen County Road (CR27)02-11-2002
Public Safety / School Zones (Thank You) CR-27 Palisade Avenue03-04-2002
Public Safety CR 27 Palisade Avenue Another Accident Day Ave. Intersection06-14-2002
Public Safety Hazard, Broken Tree Grate06-24-1999
Public Safety Senator James P. Jajuga, reduce speed limit 30 MPH to 25 MPH10-04-2000
Public Safety, Enforcement of Speeding Cars in a School Zone02-11-2002
Public Safety/ Re-pavement of (CR27) Palisade Avenue - Bergen Cnty Engineer05-20-2002
Public Safety/Crosswalks Requested - Mayor Nicholas J. Sacco05-20-2002
Public Transportation / Relocation of Bench05-03-2002
Public Transportation / Relocation of Bench / THANK YOU05-16-2002
Rodent (Rats) Questions & Answsers04-21-1998
Rodent (Rats) City Councilor-At-Large Peggy Davis Mullen10-21-1998
Rodent (Rats) Public Alley 90805-16-2000
Rodent Control (Rats) 11-16-1998
Rodent Control (Rats) Commissioner Kevin Joyce I.S.D.11-20-1997
Rodent Control (Rats) Mayors Office of Neighborhood Services06-08-1999
Rodent Control (Rats) Mayor Thomas Menino04-09-1998
Rodent Control (Rats) State Representative Paul Demakis10-06-1998
Rodent Control (Rats) PA 90809-21-2000
Rodent Control - Charles & Muddy Rivers - Deputy Commissioner Leo Boucher12-06-1999
Rodent Control - Public Alley 90802-16-2000
Rodent Control - Signage - Deputy Commissioner Leo Boucher09-03-1999
Rodent Infestation - Muddy River Banks MDC10-31-1999
Rodents (Rats) Commissioner Kevin Joyce ISD01-07-2000
Rodents (Rats) Hot Zones - City Councilor Thomas Keane Jr.01-18-1998
Rodents (Rats) Assistant Commissioner Sterling Saunders ISD10-13-1998
Rodents (Rats) Massachusetts Department of Public Health and Sanitation02-21-98
Rodents (Rats) Signage - Chief of Staff Rooney 08-30-1999
Rodents (Rats) Massachusetts Department of Public Health10-01-1998
Rodents (Rats) Massachusetts Department of Public Health-Sanitation04-02-1998
Rodents (Rats) Signage for the Alley ways06-24-1999
Rodents (Rats) Massachusetts Department of Public Health Sanitation Divisio03-30-1998
Rodents (rats) PA 90808-29-2000
Rodents - Commissioner Kevin Joyce - Inspectional Services Department04-29-1999
Rodents PA 905 Commissioner Joseph Casazza, DPW12-05-2000
Save Fenway Park, Testimony at City Council Hearing on 10-30-0010-31-2000
Solar Energy - City Councilor Brian J. Honan02-07-1999
Streat Cleaning Program, what works? Towing, Higher Fines10-15-2000
Street Cleaning Program Commissioner Joseph Casazza04-11-2000
Street Cleaning Program - Mayors Office of Neighborhood Services04-02-1999
Street Litter along Mass Ave. - James Cahill Code Enforcement-Director07-04-1999
Students within City Government02-03-2000
Tommy Leonard Bridge - Mayors Office of Neighborhood Services12-20-1999
Tommy Leonard Bridge - Chief of Staff James Rooney06-07-2000
Tommy Leonard Bridge - Mayors Office of Neighborhood Services05-02-2000
Tommy Leonard Bridge - Mayors Office of Neighborhood Services09-20-1997
Tommy Leonard Bridge - Office of Basic City Services01-04-1998
Tommy Leonard Bridge - Commissioner Matthew J. Amorello MassHighway01-11-2000
Tommy Leonard Bridge - Mayors Chief of Staff James Rooney06-22-2000
Tommy Leonard Bridge - Mayors Office of Neighborhood Services03-12-2000
Traffic Calming - City Councilor Maura A. Hennigan12-20-1999
Traffic Calming - City Councilor Maura A. Hennigan12-23-1999
Traffic Signs and Signals - Boston Transportation Department08-15-1997
Trash Problems to be addressed01-07-2000
Tree Pruning and Exposed Wires - City Councilor President James Kelly05-01-2000
Valet Parking - BTD Commissioner Andrea d Amato05-25-2000
Valet Parking Program 10 Minute Limit - BTD James M. Mansfield03-01-2000
Window Box Contest Winner, (Thank You)07-01-1997
Yawkey Way for Limited Fundrasing Private Parties only!!!07-16-2002