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City Ordinance 16-38
Placement and Maintenance of NewsRacks


16-38.7 Installation and Maintenance

Newsracks shall be of a sturdy material and installed or otherwise placed in accordance with the following provisions:
  1. Each newsrack shall prominently display the newsrack sticker issued by the Commissioner pursuant to the provisions of this section.
  2. Each newsrack shall be:
    1. Installed or placed on the pavement in an upright, sufficiently weighted and secure position; and
    2. Of a type that is completely enclosed, with a self-closing door that is either self-latching or otherwise requires manual or mechanical release at each use; and
    3. Maintained in a state of good repair and in a neat and clean condition;and
    4. Maintained in a condition that is free of accumulations of outdated printed materials, trash, rubbish, or debris.
  3. Each Newsrack shall be regulary serviced so that:
    1. It is kept reasonable free of graffiti; and
    2. It is kept reasonable free of chipped, faded, peeling and cracked paint in the visible painted areas thereof; and
    3. It is kept reasonable free of rust and corrosion in the visible unpaintedmetal areas thereof; and
    4. The clear glass or plastic parts thereof, if any, through which the printed material being dispensed are not broken and kept reasonably free of tears, peeling and fading; and
    5. The structural parts of the newsrack are not broken or unduly misshapen.

(Ord. 1996 c.12)

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Since 1992 the Back Bay NAG has written over 500 letters to many government officials, in that time I have found that it takes a minimum of three months - sometimes six months, sometimes years - to address our neighborhood's HOT ISSUES, many which are still pending. This accountability mechanism gives the Mayor and his many Commissioner's 45 days - 6 weeks - to address these community concerns.

It is my goal to have the City of Boston increase it's goals on the many quality of life issues via public education and awareness via this website.