Our goal is to become a catalyst for Boston’s 200 plus neighborhood associations and its city government, so together, we can devise and achieve effective solutions to current community issues.

As a community think tank, we analyze existing programs that are in the public eye, research what other cities are doing to fix their problems, solicit community feedback, then share our findings so that friends and neighbors can discuss, build upon, and hopefully incorporate these new ideas back into Boston’s neighborhoods.

Take a virtual walk throughout our site. We hope our selected links educate you, show you that Boston is not unique with it’s quality of life issues.

Before leaving we ask you for your feedback, as your comments are what fuel our lobbying efforts. By responding to our call to action, your feedback will provide Friends and Neighbors of the Back Bay N.A.G. Neighborhood Action Group the ability to bring our city government closer to you and your neighborhood so the quality of life issues can be addressed more quickly and effectively.

Come back and visit soon and share our URL http://www.Backbaynag.org with all your friends and neighbors.

HELP THOSE IN NEED by returning all 5 cent returnable bottle & cans...(link to my Cleaner Streets article found on home page)

A six pack equals............. $0.30 X 52 weeks = $15.60
A twelve pack equals.......... $0.60 X 52 weeks = $31.20
A case equals................. $1.20 X 52 weeks = $62.40

"If you can't redeem the cans & bottles yourselves, then seperate them from
your household trash and place them into a clear plastic bag and place them out
with your trash collection. By participating in the Clear Plastic Bag
project, those less fortunate in your neighborhood wouldn't have to dig in
our garbage. This will help your neighborhood maintain good PUBLIC HEALTH standards" along with meeting and helping your neighbors..

Who is the Neighborhood Guy?

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Neighborhood Guy